Public Facing UAW Local 6950 Membership Form

Membership in UAW Local 6950 makes Graduate Assistant and Postdoc voices at the University of Connecticut stronger and more democratic. Consistent majority support and participation in our Union enabled us to negotiate significant improvements in our first two contracts with UConn. Union members have a say in Union decisions that affect everyone represented by the Union, so choosing membership ensures we have a stronger, more democratic voice.

Count me in the majority! By filling out this form, I accept membership in UAW Local 6950. As a member, I have the right to attend membership meetings, vote to elect Union officers, and otherwise participate in the governance of the Union, and authorize to have dues (currently 1.095% of my gross pay) and a one-time $10 initiation fee deducted from my paychecks for the purpose of representation pursuant to state law and the contract between UAW Local 6950 and the University of Connecticut. Unless revoked, this authorization is to remain in effect as long as I work as a graduate assistant or postdoc at UConn.

Member Information

Voluntary Contributions for UAW V-CAP

Political action played a key role in establishing our Union and securing improvements for GAs and Postdocs at UConn. Our political voice will continue to have a critical effect on state and federal decisions regarding UConn’s teaching and research budgets, which impact our daily lives as GAs and Postdocs. By participating in the V-CAP program, I add my voice to support pro-worker and pro-education candidates and policies and to ensure our priorities are represented in our government.

Subject to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, I hereby authorize the University of Connecticut to withhold each pay period from my earnings, UAW Voluntary Community Action Program (V-CAP) deductions in the following amount and to remit such contribution to UAW V-CAP in the manner agreed upon between the University and the Union at any time while this authorization is in effect.

Because V-CAP funds are used for political contributions, foreign nationals are not allowed to contribute. Please verify below that you are allowed to make political contributions in the U.S.

**Please note the amounts below are per paycheck.**

V-CAP Contribution Info

This authorization is voluntarily made. I understand that the signing of this authorization and the making of payments to UAW V-CAP are not conditions of membership in the Union or of employment with the University of Connecticut, that I have the right to refuse to sign this authorization and contribute to UAW V-CAP without any reprisal, and that UAW V-CAP will use the money it receives to make political contributions and expenditures in connection with federal, state and local elections, that all UAW members may be eligible for V-CAP raffle drawings, regardless of whether they make a contribution to UAW V-CAP, and that monies contributed to UAW V-CAP constitute a voluntary contribution to a joint fundraising effort by the UAW and the AFL-CIO. This authorization shall remain in full force and effect until revoked in writing by me.

I also understand that the guidelines for contributions to UAW V-CAP set forth above are merely suggestions, that I can contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest, and that the Union will not favor or disadvantage me based on the amount of my contribution or my decision not to contribute.

Contributions or gifts to UAW V-CAP are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. All UAW members may be eligible for related raffle drawings, regardless of whether they make a contribution. UAW V-CAP is an independent political committee created by the UAW. This committee does not ask for or accept authorization from any candidate and no candidate is responsible for its activities.

I agree and affirm that my signed name below is my electronic signature and is legally binding – just the same as a pen-and-paper signature.